Palm Beach County, FL Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Benefits to Kids

Children in a Catholic Schoolhouse Community develop relationships with other homeschooled children. Because of the dependable contact, our kids have done much more that just become friends. Here are some examples we’ve witnessed:


  • Consistent Peer Group.  Regular attendance by families with skin in the game–thanks to the cost structure!
  • Positive peer pressure to study harder. May I learn cursive? The other girls all write in cursive. –Therese, 2nd grade
  • Studying the same topics as their friends allows sharing of newly acquired knowledge. After our geology unit several 3rd graders formed their own rock collecting club.
  • Students inspire one another. Joe and Tyler regularly share books they are reading, now many of their classmates are inspired.
  • Giving oral presentations. Mark was extremely shy, and now, with the encouragement from his peers and tutor, he is able to effectively give a presentation.
  • Challenge one another. The students notice, and reach for, the quality of work of the other students.
  • Chorus – Singing in a group is a source of joy for the children.
  • Playground Time. Kids like to have fun–and look forward to this.
  • Band, Speech or Debate. Older kids get new opportunities to expand their experiences.
  • Performance opportunities. End of semester programs give students the experience of “being on stage” helping them to grow.