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What Is Catholic Schoolhouse?

Catholic Schoolhouse is a supplemental program designed to enhance and add accountability to any homeschool style or structure. The classes meet once a week during the school year, in addition to providing planned field trips. All children will be guided through sequential topics, rotating over a three-year cycle. This is not a drop-off program. Throughout the school day, parents will visit their children’s classes, observing, assisting, and learning along with them.

We begin each day with morning prayers, the Pledge of Allegiance, and chorus or band. After this we break into classes based on age and development. Elementary tutors use varied techniques to introduce the children to the weekly topics from the Tour Guide. During this time the children learn to raise their hands, take turns, and address one another respectfully. The memory work introduced provides a framework and great springboards for further study at home. Exposure to classical music rounds out the morning.

Art and science classes give students the chance to be with a specially prepared tutor for 30 minutes for more detailed art instruction and science experiments and activities. This also gives the tutors time to regroup and stay fresh and enthusiastic all morning. After class we have playtime, with social time for the parents. Older students may choose to join an afternoon program if it is offered for your chapter.

Middle and high school students continue to follow the timeline with dialectic and rhetoric activities while continuing their study of music and art at a deeper level.

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