Palm Beach County, FL Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Hands on Science

Registered families in our chapter receive complete lesson plans for our integrated hands-on science program.
Science experiments focus on the hands-on and messy. These correspond with the memory work while also working to develop observation and scientific skills. We measure with graduated cylinders, pour with beakers, test acids, build circuits, launch rockets, and look at microscopic objects. All made easier by the pooled resources of a Catholic Schoolhouse.

Our science stays with a topic for an entire quarter, making it easy for the parent to build at-home curriculum using the guide topics as a springboard. The topics covered are those studied in a typical elementary education, helping to prevent holes in your students science education. A dedicated science tutor is able to prepare more thoroughly and bring inspiration to the students.

Our science topics include:

  • Tour 1 – Zoology, Weather, Human Body, Electricity & Magnetism
  • Tour 2 – Botany, Chemistry, Astronomy (Space), Sound & Light
  • Tour 3 – Ecology, Geology(Earth Science), Physics(Physical Science), Nutrition & Health