Palm Beach County, FL Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Integrated Art Program

Registered chapters receive complete lesson plans for our integrated art program.
Each year we cover featured works of art to correspond to the historical time period studied. Over the three years the students will be exposed to 24 great artists and become familiar with their style, school, or movement. Students increase proficiency in the seven elements of art through guided projects inspired by these great masters. A variety of media are used to expose students to new experiences. Each year ends with an an in-class art gallery which features the art of the artists studied that year, allowing students to use their newly gained art appreciation skills to analyze and identify the works. A designated art tutor teaches all the levels of art.

Tour I begins U.S. history with the study of early Americans by making Native American sand art, followed by making and painting pottery. Other artists include:

  • Native American Art
  • John James Audubon
  • Hudson River School
  • Mary Cassatt
  • Eric Carle

Tour 2 we journey through the development of art beginning in ancient times with:

  • Minoan Frescoes
  • Egyptian Art
  • Roman Architecture
  • Illuminated Manuscripts
  • Fra Angelico

Our study moves to the great masters in Tour 3 featuring:

  • Leonardo DaVinci
  • Albrecht Durer
  • El Greco
  • Rembrandt
  • Francois Millet
  • Edgar Degas
  • Vincent Van Gogh

Throughout the series students learn and experiment the seven elements of art:

  • Line
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Form
  • Space
  • Texture
  • Value